You might have planning to develop any kind of galvanizing. We guarantee that MAKER will suits all your needs.

  • Continuous galvanizing line
  • Ceramic zinc pot
  • Air knife
  • Sink roll
  • Radiant tube

Maker Group is one of the best designer and manufacturer of CGL(Both spares and whole line) in China. With more than 20 years domestic experience and more than 10 years overseas experience for hot dip galvanizing industry.

Own foundry & factory which produce CGL spares(sink roll, radiant tube, hearth roll, air knife, ceramic pot and etc. Our CGL spares has been used in over 500 production lines in the world. Own factory with CRM, PL, CGL and CCL. We are running the factory and producing galvanizing coil and color coating coil in China. Own design & factory to offer continuous galvanizing line. We have designed and built more than 100 CGL in China. Maker delivery solution of quality control and cost saving to customer.

Knowhow & Innovation

Focus & Professional

Integration & Solution


Maker provide and develop overall product & technology for galvanizing

To be the galvanzing expert!

Focus on product & technology for quality control & cost saving of galvanizing.

Creation & Manufacture

Research & Development

Integration & Sharing

To help the normal people use the quality and inexpensive product.

To help the enterprise quality control and cost saving.

To help the world energy conservation.


Maker process focus on quality control and cost saving for galvanizing

Sink roll - 70%

Air knife- 90%

Continuous galvanizing - 100%

Coating control - 75%

Speed-up - 50%

Customer Support - 70%


Maker Galvanizing Solution - Easy your work with qualified product and improve your work with professional technology.

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Continuous galvanizing line
Continuous galvanizing line
Ceramic zinc pot
Ceramic zinc pot
Air knife
Air knife
Sink roll
Sink roll
Radiant tube
Radiant tube


With 20 years experience and many successfully implemented project in galvanizing industry. Maker offer maintenance accessories, reform project of quality control & cost saving, design & build new CGL & CCL. 

Maintenance accessories

Sink roll, radiant tube, hearth roll, boot roll, air knife, zinc pot and etc.

Improved accessories

Revise material & structure to improve the life of water cooling hearth roll.

Coating control system

Precise control coating layer thickness & improve uniformity of coating layer.

Speed-up reform

Maximization of efficiency of the old CGL by speed-up reform.

Annealing furnace reform

Reform the complete annealing furnace to save cost and improve efficiency.

Zinc pot reform

Reform steel zinc pot to ceramic zinc pot to save cost and improve efficiency.

Continuous galvanizing line

Design, build and delivery the suitable & efficiency CGL in the shortest time..

Turn-key color coating line

Design, build and delivery the suitable & efficiency CCL in the shortest time..

Galvanizing consultant

Technical consultant for operation, maintenance and reform of CGL.


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